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Regular Grass Cutting

Regular grass cutting not only gives your lawn a neat and tidy appearance, but benefits the grass by encouraging a deeper and healthier root structure.  This will result in a thicker, lusher and more healthy lawn. 

Cleancut’s grass cutting service will provide regular cuts during peak growing times, typically weekly, during warm and wet periods.  During drier and hotter periods however, we would advise cutting only when necessary, therefore the customer only pays for grass cutting when needed, making a lawn maintenance plan as affordable as possible.

To get those perfect lawn lines we use quailty machinery such as:- Honda, John Deere & Hayter

Regular Lawn Fertiliser Applications

We can provide applications of fertilizers, and weed and moss killers, throughout the year, depending on the needs of your lawn.  This can completely transform even the most tired looking, or weed and moss infested lawn, by providing the grass with the nutrients it requires for healthy growth.  This process is the key to owning that beautiful green, lush lawn you've always wanted.

Cleancut uses only the highest quality feeds from companies such as Scotts.

Lawn Scarification

Scarification and aeration techniques will greatly improve your lawns appearance by removing surface "thatch" (a layer of organic matter in the soils surface) which can starve the grass roots of the moisture and oxygen needed to grow healthily.  It will also improve drainage and ease soil compaction, allowing the grass roots to spread and work more efficiently to improve the health of the grass leaf.

Turfing & Seeding

Laying grass turf can not only be used to transform that untidy corner of your garden, but also to completely construct a new garden, or even re-lay an uneven lawn.  The method of laying turf provides an instant solution as can be seen in our before and after photographs in our gallery page.  Cleancut always uses high quality turf from local suppliers.

Grass seeding achieves the same results as turfing, but takes a little longer to establish.  However this option is generally cheaper. 

Cleancut uses only the highest quality grass seed from barenbrug, one of the largest grass seed producers in the UK.


Hedge Trimming

Established hedges require trimming to keep them dense, compact and tidy.  This is usually carried out during spring and summer.  Cleancut uses petrol hedge trimmers to carry out the job efficiently and cost effectively, and to achieve excellent results. Cleancut use stihl hedge trimmers for these tasks.


Pruning involves the removal of the branches, buds, leaves or flowers of a plant.  This will stimulate growth of new flowers, fruit or branches, and improve the plants overall health.  Different pruning techniques may be required dependant on the type of plant. 

Flower Beds

Cleancut provides flowerbed maintenance.  This involves cultivating (digging over) the soil, to ease compaction and improve drainage and airflow to the roots of the plants, to assist healthy growth.  Also involved is weeding, which not only improves the appearance of the flowerbed, but also prevents more delicate plants from being suffocated by many of the aggressive weed species native to this country. 

We can also create new flowerbeds for our customers, to brighten up their gardens, and assist in planting shrubs, flowers and trees.

Garden Clearances

Perhaps you’ve just moved into a new property, or not maintained your garden for some time. Cleancut can provide a garden clearance service, to bring your garden to a maintainable level and looking neat and tidy again.

Leaf Clearance

When the leaves have dropped at the end of autumn, it is essential to pick up and remove any leaves that have fallen on your lawn.  Leaves can cause extensive damage to grass if not removed, and all the years’ hard work to produce a lovely garden could be wasted if this tiresome, but essential, task is not done. 

Why not let Cleancut carry out this important task for an affordable price?

Jet Washing

Over the summer patios, paths, driveways and decking can become dirty, due to the frequent foot traffic they experience.  Jet washing can re-juvenate dirty or moss covered areas, to leave them looking new and ready for another summer’s hard use. Our Karcher machine makes light work of even the dirtiest patio areas.